Baby Carriage/Stroller

Baby Carriage "TRAV-L-EEZ COACH"

Ref: 9968


Early 1920's and one of the first full size buggies designed for transporting in a sedan with it's compact size when folded. Also includes: * A fabric panel that can be adjusted for the baby to sit up * There is a large "secret" compartment under the bed. * Unhooking 2 clasps on the bottom of the bed enables the baby to be rocked back and forth from pivots by the handle and the rear. * Collapsible sun shade. * Wheels consist of metal rims and rubber tires. * Steel frame construction. * The bed collapses to 5" and comes off the wheels to transport easily. In good condition but the fabric is starting to crack and wheel rust.

H:41 W:20.5 L:20 INCHES

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