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We are Extreme Antique Hunters. The founder, Philip Klein, has been finding and collecting treasures since the mid 1990′s. The company has come a long way since our humble beginning, due to our picker's taste for the rare, the collectible, and oddity. Now besides Antiques we hunt down items for private collectors, historical treasures, sports memorabilia and much, much more!

On our Specialty Items page you will find items we have found, bought or collected. Please review this page to get an idea of what we do. If you’re interested in having us find an elusive item for your collection, or you are looking for just the right piece for your home or office then please contact us. Together we will satisfy the collector in you!

We have several store locations and visit our Ebay store to for you to view our current inventory. Our inventory turns over quickly, so you should revisit us often.

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You can contact me any time by sending an email to or by making a quick call to 913-485-3391.

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